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By Samantha Rose

Did you know there are easy ways you can save wildlife every single day? Here are a few fun suggestions for supporting threatened and endangered species.

1) Play for Wildlife

We’re all pretty familiar with how addicting mobile games can be. Now, you can play guilt free knowing that your gaming helps protect Africa’s threatened species.

Wild Warriors is a mobile game that raises awareness and funds to support endangered wildlife.

The storyline of Wild Warriors centers on mythical monsters who invade earth to kidnap endangered animals for their galactic zoo. While the game’s story is, of course, fictional, its theme mimics many of the issues facing wildlife today, such as poaching and trafficking.

The player’s objective is to try to save as many wild animals from being removed from their natural habitat. There are over 60 puzzles that allow players rescue animals like Taka the rhino. Players can also vote to have their  favorite cause receive 10% of the game’s revenue. So, download your free Wild Warriors game from the Android store today — and keep an eye out as it becomes available on iOS devices.

There are plenty of other ways you can help us protect Africa’s wildlife as you go about your daily life.

2) Dress for Wildlife

You can wear your support on your sleeve — literally! A portion of proceeds from brands like SharpshirterVaute Couture and Elephant Pants are donated to AWF. Now you can look cool and share your love of wildlife at the same time.

3) Shop for Wildlife

If shopping is your thing, you can also choose AWF as their beneficiary when shopping online through AmazonSmile.

CouponCabin also offers tons of savings at thousands of retailers (like Nike and Macy’s), allowing you to pass those savings on to AWF in the form of a donation.

There’s something for everyone. Whether you want to shop online, get lost in a mythical world while helping solve real-world problems, or wear tees that show off your love of elephants, you can do it all while supporting wildlife. We here at AWF are so appreciative of any kind of support from fellow wildlife enthusiasts!

Do you engage in other easy activities that help wildlife? If so, please feel free to share them with us at [email protected]! We would love to hear from you.

This post originally appeared on the African Wildlife Foundation’s blog

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