Let’s be honest, animal rescues can make for amazing videos. But they’re also incredibly important to our work.

When people see videos of animals being rescued from disasters or cruelty, they become inspired to help animals too. And IFAW’s rescue videos help spread our message of compassion for animals … and help us achieve our mission of making this a better world for animals.

Here are some of my favorite videos of IFAW’s work. I hope you enjoy them too.

And thanks, as always, for your commitment to helping animals.

Jumbo mission to move 4 threatened elephants: It was an extremely difficult and dangerous mission, but it was their last and only chance.

Released Tiger with two cubs is a first: This endangered Amur tiger named Zolushka (also known as Cinderella) is the first released tiger to have cubs!

Reuniting a cat with her owner after Hurricane Sandy: A real “why we do what we do” video. The reunion is such an amazing reward for our rescuers.

Some of the world’s last mountain gorillas: One of my all-time favorite IFAW videos. So much soul in their eyes.

GoPro videos of orphaned Russian bear release: The GoPro cameras allow us to show what it’s like to be a rescuer.

Rescue of a Mexican street dog named Coconut: At the end of the video I say that I hope Coconut does well. He has! He was adopted by an IFAW employee and is doing great!

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