This event took place at the Santa Monica Civic Center, SM, CA.

This event took place at the Santa Monica Civic Center, SM, CA.

For the past four years we have been working on the conversion of a 1971 Volkswagen Super-Beetle (donated to us by the Poon-Fear family in 2009) from a combustion engine into an all-electric vehicle. On September 20th and 21st we had the debut of our car “Wattson” at the Santa Monica Civic Center for the AltCar Expo. This two-day event was filled with entertaining interaction and education. Alt-Car Expo gave us the opportunity to turn our car into a “lesson plan on wheels”. We were able to teach people about the effects of combustion engines in our environment and health as well as showing our conversion process and techniques. We also got to learn a lot and share thoughts with the other electric car companies that were in the event. It was very pleasing to see how thrilled everyone was to lean about our car and the benefits of electric cars. Thank you to all the supportive people at the event ( people and/or companies we need to thank ) and a very special thanks to Alt-Car Expo for giving us this wonderful opportunity to debut our all-electric car.

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