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Would you buy and eat extra restaurant food if you could snag it at a steep discount?

Your answer probably depends on what “extra” means. In this case, we’re talking about food that goes unpurchased and uncooked at the end of each day. It’s usually thrown out — even though it hasn’t gone bad yet — to make room for the next delivery. Restaurants do their best to order only what they can sell, but it’s been estimated that full-service and fast-food joints in the U.S. toss more than 134 million pounds of food every day.

There’s definitely a little room for improvement.

Enter Food For All, a new app designed to tackle waste in the food industry. The idea here is that rather than tossing perfectly fine food in the garbage, restaurants could sell that grub via takeout at up to 80 percent off normal prices, giving people an affordable option for grabbing a quick bite while simultaneously helping business owners and the environment.

Now that you know how it works, are you in?

Unfortunately, you can’t download the app just yet. It’s still in prototype stage and currently undergoing a pilot test in Cambridge, MA (there’s a lot of good restos there, FYI). There are, however, a couple of ways you can support Food For All right now.

Start by signing up on Food For All’s website to receive updates and early access to the app.

You can really put your money where your mouth is by backing Food For All’s Kickstarter campaign, which seeks $50,000 in hopes of launching the app in July 2017. Boston and New York are slated as the debut cities. But if the project hits its stretch goals of $75,000 and $100,000, Food For All will also launch in the two cities (one for each goal) boasting the most backers.

Those pledging to the Kickstarter campaign will receive credits they can either use once Food for All launches or donate (directly via the app) to people in need.

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