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Art for the Endangered Landscape

Painters, poets, and musicians will converge on Wolf Creek Pass in southern Colorado for a day of celebration and creation in honor of an environment that could soon be lost to us forever. Art for the Endangered Landscape: Honoring Wolf Creek will take place on Saturday June 20, 2015, at the Wolf Creek Ski Area, above Pagosa Springs.

This Art Day will be an opportunity for artists to honor the beauty and majesty of this high country landscape that straddles the Continental Divide. Through painting, prose, drawing, photography, videography, songwriting, sculpture, printmaking, poetry, and dance artists will express their connection to this wild and pristine location. Art works created at the event will become part of a traveling show that will share the beauty and plight of Wolf Creek Pass with the public.

Regrettably, this may be the last chance to experience the wildflowers, bird song, and summer serenity of this area in the San Juan Mountains. If developers have their way bulldozers could be on the hillside as early as next spring, constructing a “village” for up to 8,000 people on the land adjacent to the ski area. This forest will be replaced with condos, hotels, retail space, and traffic.

Art for the Endangered Landscape is one of many tools that activists are using to draw attention to this issue. To learn more about efforts to keep Wolf Creek Pass wild, visit the Friends of Wolf Creek website at www.friendsofwolfcreek.org.

To participate in Art for the Endangered Landscape contact the San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council at www.slvec.org.

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