Alexander Verbeek

Alexander Verbeek is a diplomat and Associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute. Until January 2016, he was the Strategic Policy Advisor on Global Issues in the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working on international issues related to climate, water, food, energy and resources.

Alexander developed the Planetary Security Initiative that fosters cooperation on the impact of climate change, environmental degradation and resource scarcity on security. He organised the international conference in the Peace Palace in November 2015, where participants from 75 countries joined in the launch of this initiative.

In Sweden, he continues to collaborate with governments, businesses, think tanks and civil society agencies to find connections between these issues and create solutions for the environmental, resource and demographic challenges of the 21st century.

Alexander has been a Yale World Fellow since 2014. He is often asked to speak, lecture at universities or chair international meetings. He is in the board of advisors of several international environmental initiatives and ranks sixth in the Top-10 Climate Change Thought Leaders in social media.

Alexander earned his MSc in Human Geography from Utrecht University, worked as a journalist and was an officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy before joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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