Algalita Marine Research and Education

Algalita Marine Research and Education is a non-profit organization committed to solving the plastic pollution crisis in our oceans. We educate the public, conduct scientific research, and are expanding our focus to study the effects of plastic pollution on human health. Through all our programs, we illustrate how every individual can be part of the solution.

In 1997, Algalita Founder Captain Charles Moore was the first to discover the invasion of thousands of miles of “plastic soup” in the North Pacific Ocean. Known by many as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the mass of trash swirls around in a vortex known as a gyre. It quickly became the symbol of the marine environment’s horrifying condition.

Sadly, there are five major ocean gyres throughout the globe—all contaminated with plastic. Every day, the problem grows exponentially. Algalita has launched a wave of youth-led action and awareness campaigns throughout the world to reduce plastic waste by educating, motivating, and empowering youth. Algalita's FREE educational programs are based on real-world science and are designed for a global audience.

During the 2013-14 school year alone, Algalita reached an estimated 287 teachers and 37,765 students through its education programs. Visit Algalita's website to learn how its team can help you inspire solutions to plastic pollution in your community!​

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