Heal the Bay

Amanda Griesbach

Amanda Griesbach works for the City of Los Angeles as an Environmental Compliance Inspector in the Watershed Division. She focuses on both illicit and hazardous materials that may potentially affect the environment and/or public health.

Previously, Amanda served as Coastal Water Quality Manager for Heal the Bay, where she managed the Beach Report Card® program, an online tool that provides current water quality data for beaches along the entire U.S. Pacific Coast, as well as identified/mitigated bacteria sources along California’s coastline.

Amanda earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Minnesota and her master’s degree in Environmental and Industrial Microbiology from the University of Wisconsin, where her research focused on E. coli concentrations in beach water post rainfall and genetic source identification.

In 2010, Amanda was appointed to the Clean Beach Initiative (CBI) Task Force, a blue ribbon panel that assists the California State Water Board in reviewing, identifying and funding critical beach water quality research and improvement projects. To date, the CBI Program has invested over $100 million in over 100 coastal water quality improvement projects.

As an avid ocean lover and SCUBA diver, Amanda is dedicated to understanding the science of microorganisms associated with recreational waters, specifically pathogenic species that threaten the health and livelihood of beach goers and coastal communities.

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