Anthony Dell

Dr. Anthony Dell is a research ecologist trying to understand the biological mechanisms that determine the strength and outcome of species interactions, and the role of the physical environment. He approaches this problem from a bottom-up, physiological perspective, using field and laboratory experiments, meta-analysis of published literature, and mechanistic theory.

Dr. Dell is growing increasingly concerned about the health of the biosphere, and so is also interested in understanding how humans are altering natural ecosystems, with the goal of informing policy about future projections and appropriate methods for mitigating effects.

Based on the banks of the Mississippi River at the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center (NGRREC) in Illinois provides him with a unique opportunity to understand these issues in the context of large river systems.

Dr. Dell earned his BSc (Hons I) in Zoology and Marine Biology and his PhD (cum laude) in Ecology at James Cook University in Australia.