Brent Kessel

Brent Kessel is the Founder and CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners, which provides fee-only, comprehensive financial advice to help individuals, families and foundations expand what’s possible with money.

Abacus clients provided seed funding for the first environmentally screened and globally diversified index funds in the industry, and have been investing in social private equity funds for over a decade.

Brent is a specialized impact advisor. As such, he first helps his clients define their most important values and desired social outcomes, and then maps those values to available investments across all cause areas, geographies, and asset classes, thereby increasing the effectiveness and alignment of their philanthropic grants and impact investments.

Brent's book, It's Not About The Money (Harper Collins), was named one of Kiplinger’s Top Five Business Books of the Year, and FastCompany named Brent one of the five most generous people on Wall Street.

Abacus is a founding B Corp., is carbon-neutral, and donates over 5% of profits to charity each year.

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