Bryan Murray

Bryan Murray is an assistant professor in the Geological Sciences department at Cal Poly Pomona.

He received his PhD from UC Santa Barbara in 2014 and his MS from UCLA in 2007. His research focuses on how tectonic processes influence the depositional record of sedimentary and volcanic rocks in ancient basins.

This research is primarily field-based, combining detailed geologic mapping, sedimentology, stratigraphy, physical volcanology, and structural geology with a variety of laboratory techniques including provenance analyses, petrography, geochemistry, and geochronology.

Recent research projects focus on the relationship between mid-Cenozoic extensional basin development and magmatism in the Copper Canyon region of the Sierra Madre Occidental of northwestern Mexico and in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. His master’s thesis focused on the depositional and tectonic history of non-marine deposits in Bolivian Altiplano.

Bryan has extensive academic and professional experience. Prior to his current position, he taught as an adjunct instructor at several community colleges in Southern California. Outside of academia, Bryan has worked in the environmental, petroleum, mining, and geotechnical industries and currently volunteers as a research SCUBA diver with Reef Check California.

After finishing his BS in Geology-Paleobiology at UCLA in 2003, he served in the Peace Corps where he worked with a non-governmental organization responsible for the management of a newly established protected area in Jamaica and taught at a local community college.

In his free time, Bryan enjoys surfing, SCUBA diving, backpacking, sailing, and spending time with his wife and daughter, Coral.