Caribbean Harvest Foundation

Caribbean Harvest Foundation works in Haiti to alleviate poverty through a social enterprise model using sustainable fish farming.

Our solar-powered fish hatcheries produce tilapia fingerlings, which are raised in cages by villagers living around lakes. In addition to earning an income that increases their previous income by 800%, fish farmers keep 10% of the fish they produce, a desperately needed source of protein for families.

The rest of the fish produced flows to markets, giving Haitians an affordable option for improving their nutrition, while also displacing imports and helping the economy as a whole. Caribbean Harvest’s profits are re-invested in improving livelihoods, nutrition, safe drinking water, housing, education, medical care, and community development.

We are improving overall quality of life for impoverished families and creating stable, self-sustaining communities where they did not exist before.

Caribbean Harvest's work also has environmental benefits. Unlike traditional agriculture, we are not putting a strain on very limited water resources in order to raise our crop. We are using lakes that are overfished and underutilized.

In addition, by making more fish available and affordable in the markets, we are reducing fishing pressure on overfished wild stocks. Current tilapia production is approximately 1.4 million pounds per year.

Caribbean Harvest truly carries out the saying, “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day…..teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.”

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