Dana Roeber Murray

Dana Roeber Murray is a Marine Scientist and Environmental Manager. Completing hundreds of scientific dives underwater, she has been a research diver for Reef Check since 2003. Dana is currently the Environmental Programs Manager for the City of Manhattan Beach, where she works on environmental policies and programs for the city. Formerly Dana was the Senior Coastal Policy Manager at Heal the Bay where she worked on science and policy issues related to coastal habitats and marine wildlife in California. She developed Los Angeles' MPA Watch citizen science monitoring program, assessing how people use L.A.’s underwater parks. Dana is committed to environmental conservation and has worked in the environmental field for over 15 years.

Dana earned her master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management from UC Santa Barbara, specializing in Conservation Planning and Coastal Marine Resource Management, and her bachelor’s in Geography and Environmental Studies from UCLA. She was previously a Peace Corps Volunteer, a conservation science researcher for the World Wildlife Fund, and the Director of Education at the California Wildlife Center.

Dana enjoys volunteering, traveling, and SCUBA diving around the world, and can be found sailing along the coast, diving in kelp forests, or playing on the beach with her young daughters.

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