Empowered by Light

Empowered by Light is a Bay Area-based non-profit that aims to improve lives and the environment through renewable energy technologies. We have two primary focuses: empowering the protectors of critically-endangered wildlife, important areas of biodiversity, and ancient cultures, and helping communities leapfrog fossil fuels.

Empowered by Light builds solar energy systems, often with battery storage, for remote communities around the world. Systems range in size from 1.2kW to 300kW.

Our projects to date include solar microgrids to support park rangers in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, solar microgrids for schools, communities, and an environmental education center in Zambia, mini solar grids for ranger stations and tourist towers in Chitwan National Park in Nepal, and small solar systems for indigenous groups in the Amazon Basin of Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia, which power communication systems for communities resisting the destruction of their rainforest homes.

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