The world is in need of ideas for a better, more sustainable future, but ideas are not enough. FUTUREPERFECT, an international and multilingual internet platform, tells the stories of individuals, initiatives, organizations, and businesses that have moved from ideas to action. In implementing new practices and reinvigorating old ones, these cooperatives, companies or communities are actively working towards a better future in the present. Their focus is not on economic growth but on sustainable prosperity. They move beyond searching for the best technology, instead asking for better ways of life.

FUTUREPERFECT shows that the transformation of modern society toward sustainability is not principally the domain of scientific and political “experts”. Just as much, it is the business of ordinary people who use their scope of action to experiment with what is possible in the here and now. To facilitate an exchange of ideas and to inform and inspire a broad diversity of experiments with a sustainable future, FUTUREPERFECT features stories from around the world. They are published as Creative Commons articles to encourage broad distribution and sharing.

FUTUREPERFECT is a joint venture of the German foundation FUTURZWEI and the Goethe-Institut. The stories are found and chosen by local partners, i.e. organizations and individuals in the participating countries, and written in the respective local languages. Their English and German translations are published on this platform, whereas the original versions are to be found on the Goethe-Institut’s specific country sites.

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