Heal the Bay

Heal the Bay is a non-profit environmental organization with almost 30 years dedicated to making Southern California coastal waters and watersheds, including Santa Monica Bay, safe, healthy and clean for people and marine life.

Progress toward the mission is achieved by effectively combining the use of science, advocacy, community outreach, and public education to create positive change in our local environment. Our policy recommendations are driven by objective data gathering and rigorous, in-house scientific analysis. When implemented, these science-based solutions effect measurable change. We have found success by working closely with stakeholders on environmental issues. Finding common ground and working toward consensus-driven, practical solutions often yields better results than fractious legal action.

Heal the Bay’s programs and facilities include the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, Beach Report Card, MPA Watch citizen science, Speakers Bureau, Key to the Sea education program, Nothin’ But Sand beach cleanups, Stream Team, Coastal Cleanup Day, Healthy Neighborhoods/Healthy Environment, and science and policy initiatives for local, regional and state regulatory and legislative actions.

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