Judy Adler

Judy Adler is a naturalist and environmental educator offering unique ecology-based field trips for schoolchildren in the San Francisco Bay Area's Mt. Diablo State Park.

She directed the state park's natural history association for many years and, in that capacity, was responsible for facilitating the implementation of the Trail through Time project there, opening the Summit Museum, developing a volunteer docent program and publishing a guide to the plants of the East Bay Parks.

She founded and managed a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable land use for some years afterwards.

A passionate gardener, Judy offers classes on nature-based gardening for adults. Her demonstration garden has been featured in several garden magazines and books. In addition, she manages a 1/2 acre biodiverse no water garden on school district land.

Responsible water management and seed-saving are the two most compelling subjects for her at present. She speaks from the heart and dwells in possibilities.

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