Orang Utan Republik Foundation

The mission of the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) is to save wild orangutans from extinction by supporting, coordinating and facilitating education and outreach conservation programs, as well as other innovative collaborative projects in the species’ host country of Indonesia.

OURF seeks to transform the attitudes, values and beliefs of local Indonesians such that they become the caretakers of the species and their rainforest habitat.

OURF networks with other organizations, leveraging limited resources to make the largest impact possible. In 2015, OURF entered into a special partnership with The Orangutan Project to serve donors in the USA that support more direct conservation related activities.

OURF and its Indonesian affiliate, Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative Indonesia (OUREII), works with government and existing nongovernmental organizations in Sumatra and Borneo that have education and outreach programs, sharing resources and information to increase their efficacy in the field.

OURF and OUREII has also established the Orangutan Caring Club, locally operated groups of young people who conduct education, outreach & tree-planting programs in schools and village communities.

Through the Caring Club, OURF works with local people in educating them through the Mobile Education & Conservation Unit (MECU) program to reduce their conflict with neighboring wildlife as well as improving their livelihood with alternative and sustainable activities.

With other NGOs, OURF also provides scholarships, internships, and fellowships to promote higher education and to develop a cadre of graduates who are advocates for the species. OURF is engaged in global policy development with other groups on behalf of the orangutan.

At the same time, OURF conducts outreach in the United States, works with schools to involve students, and participates in other activities to further the mission of the organization.