Rocky Mountain Wild

Rocky Mountain Wild’s mission is to protect, connect and restore wildlife and wild lands in the Rockies. We envision a biologically healthy future for our region with a diversity of species and ecosystems, thriving wildlife populations, and a sustainable coexistence with the people of the region. Rocky Mountain Wild’s goals are to:

● Maintain the diversity and viability of species in our region, under both current and future conditions

● Greatly reduce the rate of extinction

● Restore and maintain viable populations of key wildlife species

● Protect a representative diversity of ecological communities

● Restore and maintain a connected landscape for wildlife

● Build public and political support for our mission through education, outreach, and advocacy

Rocky Mountain Wild was created by the merger of two of Colorado’s most trusted and effective conservation organizations, Center for Native Ecosystems and Colorado Wild. Recognizing the need to stem dramatic losses of native species and habitat, these organizations joined forces to protect, connect and restore wildlife and wild lands of our region.

Rocky Mountain Wild has a long and rich history. Each of our predecessor organizations, along with the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project (which joined Center for Native Ecosystems in 2008), enjoyed more than a dozen years of successful conservation advocacy.

We achieve on the ground conservation results through participating in scientific research, public education, grassroots organizing, policy formation and implementation, and advocacy. We have protected over 2 million acres of wildlife habitat in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

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