Rosemary Sellers

Rosemary Sellers spent over 20 years working in the entertainment industry both in-house and in her own firm, as a high level marketing/corporate communications executive for such companies as Turner Broadcasting, Paramount, Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, Viacom to name only a few. She was involved in the launch of a number of high profile cable networks including E!, The Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, Showtime and The Movie Channel.

In 1995, after the birth of her daughter, she reinvented herself and obtained a Masters Degree in Education. She taught English in the public school system for five years, wrote freelance articles and consulted with entertainment industry clients privately.

She is actively involved with such organizations as A Place Called Home in South Central Los Angeles and 826LA in Mar Vista. She has written for The Huffington Post and is working on a young adult novel set in the public school system.

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