Founded by explorer Captain Chris Wade – marine biologist, shark expert, and ocean advocate – Shark Boat grew out of his grassroots efforts to investigate and fight illegal fishing and poaching.

International partnerships and agreements have since enabled Shark Boat to engage in these EcoPirate efforts throughout the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

Shark Boat also works with some of the most notable organizations and top marine scientists to perform near coastal and pelagic censuses & surveys and tagging/tracking endangered species. This endeavors are unique in that they are a collaboration involving NGOs, NPOs, government entities, marine scientists, and lay people who volunteer their time and support.

Currently, the Shark Boat crew is heading out for its next mission – a long-term project to protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica. Given the island’s remote location, it has proved difficult for enforcement agencies to protect it; now, Captain Chris and his crew will be able to keep watch over this unique ecosystem, as well as collect data and document solid baselines.

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