Tiffany Paige

Tiffany Paige is an on-camera host, media producer and environmental activist in Los Angeles, CA. “Green With Tiffany," is her own social-media connected online series/site about all things green (soon to be on Roku TV).

Tiffany covers “green events” while showcasing suggestions on how people can be more “green” in their daily life. She has attended, spoken at and/or covered events across the country such as TED, Aspen Ideas Festival, SXSWEco, LOHAS, Sustainatopia, Environmental Media Awards and Green America’s Green Festivals.

At the Green Festival, Tiffany got involved with Pamm Larry to help Prop 37 (labeling of GMOs in California) become a ballot initiative.

Tiffany has been a Lexus hybrid vehicle specialist since Lexus introduced its first hybrid in 2005. She has traveled the country teaching about the benefits of alternative fuel technology.

Tiffany recently joined a plastic pollution research expedition sailing from Bermuda to Iceland with the 5 Gyres Institute, spending 21 days at sea collecting water samples from both the sub-tropical and sub-polar North Atlantic Gyre. A collective paper has since been published stating the discovery of over 5 trillion pieces of plastic particles in our world’s oceans.

Tiffany’s mission is to build awareness of the green movement by sharing ideas of sustainability, wellness, environmental impacts, and why it is important. She seeks to always be a trusted guide to show people that our planet is in trouble, that we can all make a difference and that we need to act now. Hence her motto, “Choose to Care”.

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