Stranded Baby Whale Shark Saved by Brave Beachgoers

Picture this: You’re vacationing on South Africa’s east coast when suddenly you notice a large animal stranded on the beach. What do you do? For these brave beachgoers, you get out and help it. The distressed animal in this rescue was a baby whale shark. Don’t let the baby fool you, as even a young whale shark is still large. After hours of fighting the surf, the beachgoers pushed the baby whale shark back into deep waters.

You’re probably thinking, “Shark? Are they out of their minds?” Despite the name and their immensity, whale sharks are for the most part harmless. For being so huge and so long-lived, it’s somewhat surprising that this giant is as gentle as can be. The Whale Shark largely subsists on plankton and small fish like sardines, anchovies and mackerel, sucking up its food like a giant, floating vacuum cleaner. It is found worldwide in the waters near approximately 124 countries and between latitudes 30°N and 35°S in tropical and warm temperate seas. Video via Earth Touch.


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