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May 11, 2017 Climate & Energy
Activists has warned that it was only a matter of time until the Dakota Access pipeline sprung a leak. Their fears have already been confirmed. (Photo: Karla Cote / Flickr)

While Small, First DAPL Spill Seen as Dark Omen

By: Common Dreams

By Deirdre Fulton Throughout the battle over the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), indigenous campaigners and their allies repeatedly warned it was not a question of if, but when a breach would occur. Now, before the pipeline is...

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May 1, 2017 Climate & Energy
Hurricane Sandy is one of many extreme weather events that's been linked to climate change. (Photo: NASA)

Zooming in on How Climate Change Affects Severe Weather

By: Belinda Waymouth

Floods, droughts, heatwaves and other incidents of nasty weather are on the rise. Each time one of these incidents happens, journalists want to know if climate change is to blame...

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April 30, 2017 Climate & Energy
Miners Line Up to Go Into the Elevator Shaft at the Virginia-Pocahontas Coal Company Mine #4 near Richlands, Virginia, in 1974. (Photo: Jack Corn / Wikimedia Commons)

Coal Miners -- Still Holding the Ladder

By: Peter Banner

Whenever I write about coal, I ask myself what my friend Pete Gordy would think about my article. Most of the time, when I’m discussing environmental issues, he would probably...

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April 24, 2017 Climate & Energy
A protestor at the March for Science in Minnesota (Photo: Laurie Shaull / Flickr)

As Scientists March, CO2 Levels Hit Record

By: Common Dreams

By Lauren McCauley The amount of carbon in the Earth's atmosphere is now officially off the charts as the planet last week breached the 410 parts per million (ppm) milestone for the...

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April 19, 2017 Climate & Energy
A chunk of ice falls into the ocean during a calving event at Alaska's Hubbard Glacier. (Photo: Bernard Spragg / Flickr)

Climate Change Could Force 13.1 Million Americans Inland, Where Big Fires Will Rage

By: Common Dreams

By Lauren McCauley Americans in many cases have been slow to acknowledge the real threats posed by global warming. But two new studies out Monday found that people living throughout...

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April 17, 2017 Climate & Energy
Meltwater flows south out of the Kaskawulsh Glacier, which has retreated a mile over the past century due to climate change. (Photo: Dan Shugar / University of Washington)

A River Vanishes, And Climate Change Is to Blame

By: Brian Klonoski

The remarkable pace of climate change has forced a Canadian glacier into such hasty retreat that a river of its meltwater has dried up and been diverted in a "geological...

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April 14, 2017 Climate & Energy
The U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Claire Anderson / Unsplash)

The Climate Change Lawsuit That Could Save the Planet

By: Jedamiah Wolf

“The one thing about climate change and the fundamental rights being asserted by my 21 youth plaintiffs is that they’re really threatened by the irreversibility of their rights and the...

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April 5, 2017 Climate & Energy
Photo: DeclanTM / Flickr

By Mid-Century, CO2 Could Hit Highest Levels in 50 Million Years

By: Common Dreams

By Nadia Prupis Current carbon dioxide levels are unprecedented in human history and could reach a level unseen in millennia if their rates continue at this pace, a new report out Tuesday...

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March 27, 2017 Climate & Energy
Los Angeles is reducing emissions and conserving water by implementing cool streets and light colored roof tops along with increased tree canopy. (Photo: Josh Rose / Unsplash)

America’s Largest Cities Tackle Climate Change Despite Trump’s Anti-Environmental Agenda

By: Jedamiah Wolf

While dark clouds of climate denialism loom over the nation's capital, mayors from America's largest cities continue to champion climate policy and sustainability initiatives in their local jurisdictions. Planet Experts...

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March 14, 2017 Climate & Energy
City officials in Oslo, Norway, are attempting to enact an ambitious plan to drastically cut the city's greenhouse gas emissions—but they're being stymied by the right-wing national government. (Photo: Moyan Brenn / Flickr)

Climate Fight Pits Cities Against National Governments

By: Common Dreams

By Nika Knight Cities worldwide are setting climate goals that are far more ambitious than the targets agreed upon by national governments, leading to clashes between urban leaders and national...

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March 9, 2017 Business
A Model S is assembled at the Tesla factory in Fremont, CA, in 2011. (Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Flickr)

The Future of the American Auto Industry's Carbon Footprint

By: Jedamiah Wolf

Environmental advocates are charging up for battle with President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is expected to weaken fuel economy standards for cars and light-duty trucks. The automotive industry...

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March 9, 2017 Climate & Energy

Climate Change Puts California's Snowpack Under the Weather

By: Belinda Waymouth

Skiing in July? It could happen this year, but California’s days of bountiful snow are numbered. After five years of drought and water restrictions, the state is reeling from its...

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