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May 31, 2017 Human Health
A scan of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. (Photo: NIAID / Wikimedia Commons)

Antibiotic Resistant Genes Lurk in City Parks

By: Belinda Waymouth

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs have health experts on high alert, and for good reason. They currently kill 23,000 people each year in the United States, and with antibiotic resistance rapidly increasing, worldwide they are...

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April 22, 2017 Environment
These murals dot the few remaining homes in Hinkely. (Photo: Michael Cervin / Planet Experts)

The Resurrection of the Hinkley Valley: Of Crops, Chrom-6 and Erin Brockovich

By: Michael Cervin

Perhaps Julia Roberts could be forgiven when she won the Academy Award for her performance in the Oscar-wining movie Erin Brockovich and forgot to thank the real Erin Brockovich. But...

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April 14, 2017 Climate & Energy
The U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Claire Anderson / Unsplash)

The Climate Change Lawsuit That Could Save the Planet

By: Jedamiah Wolf

“The one thing about climate change and the fundamental rights being asserted by my 21 youth plaintiffs is that they’re really threatened by the irreversibility of their rights and the...

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March 22, 2017 Human Health
Is fluoride safe? (Photo: Joe Shlabotnik / Flickr)

Fear or Folly? The 411 on Fluoride

By: Michael Cervin

It is perhaps ironic that the same day the WWII Battle of the Bulge ended on January 25th, 1945 (Hitler’s last offensive to dominate Europe) is also the exact day...

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March 13, 2017 Human Health

VIDEO: Community Activists Spread Word About Flint's Ongoing Water Crisis

By: Rick Baraff

On January 26th -- well over 1,000 days into the ongoing Flint water crisis -- unwitting community leaders Melissa Mays and Nayyirah Shariff traveled to Dallas at the invitation of Jim Schermbeck,...

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March 3, 2017 Human Health
Jelly Bean Kush. (Photo: Dank Depot / Flickr)

Weed Wars: Will the Trump Administration Stymie Marijuana Legalization?

By: Jedamiah Wolf

The White House recently made some not-so-subtle hints about a federal crackdown on marijuana. Could the feds roll back the rapidly blooming end to prohibition? And what does this mean...

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February 10, 2017 Human Health
Fresh nuggets of Candyland, a sativa-dominant hybrid. (Photo: Brian Klonoski / Planet Experts)

A Guide to Question 4 and Wicked Legal Weed in Massachusetts

By: Brian Klonoski

Seeing that it was the birthplace of the American Revolution and all -- not to mention the first state to pass sweeping healthcare reform and allow same-sex marriage -- it's...

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February 3, 2017 Climate & Energy
A pipeline leak in Iowa spewed nearly 140,000 gallons of diesel fuel into the environment. (Photo: Hayden Irwin / Flickr)

Iowa Contains Nasty Pipeline Leak, But What's the Real Impact?

By: Nick Marinoff

What are the biggest consequences of a gas leak? That’s what residents of Worth County in Northern Iowa are likely asking themselves following a pipeline failure that caused nearly 140,000...

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January 27, 2017 Human Health
One of the top marks of a functioning civilization is the delivery of fresh, safe, clean reliable drinking water to the public. (Photo: [cipher] / Flickr)

Water is Life: Safe, Sustainable, Public Water in the Age of Trump

By: Lisa Kaas Boyle

One of the top marks of a functioning civilization is the delivery of fresh, safe, clean reliable drinking water to the public. James Joyce celebrated Dublin’s public water in Ulysses for its...

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January 26, 2017 Human Health
A new report has linked palm oil processed in a certain manner to cancer -- and the environment stands to benefit. (Photo: Jeremy Weate / Flickr)

How Palm Oil's Tenuous Link to Cancer Could Benefit the Environment

By: Nick Marinoff

Palm oil is used in half of all packaged products sold in grocery stores in America. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the ubiquitous ingredient can be found in pizza,...

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January 18, 2017 Human Health
Drinking fountains are a crucial final link in serving water to the public and the only sustainable method to maintain a healthy, hydrated active public without depleting our water supplies. (Photo: Unsplash)

The American Drinking Fountain: The Force Awakens

By: Lisa Kaas Boyle

White Only. A common sign posted on public facilities (e.g. public schools, drinking fountains, transportation) in Jim Crow segregated America (1876-1965) in the former slave states. Today, urban Americans face...

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January 16, 2017 Business
The tourism dollars these elephants will bring far outweighs the price of their ivory tusks on the black market. (Photo: Roderick Eime / Flickr)

Forget the GDP -- By Focusing on Wildlife Conservation, We Can Maximize Happiness

By: Jedamiah Wolf

We’ve been trying to convince policymakers about the link between wildlife conservation and human wellbeing for a long time,” Beth Allgood, U.S. Country Director for the International Fund for Animal...

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