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December 12, 2017 Lifestyle
The author, Peter Wohlleben, hanging out with some goats.

Review: 'The Inner Life of Animals' Tells of Beauty, Hints at Magic

By: Daniela Ginta

There are some paradoxical occurrences in today’s world. We are witnessing an unprecedented level of animal anthropomorphizing – of pets and wild animals alike, which is often unhelpful in understanding...

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November 8, 2017 Environment

DAnCiNG like a CRANE

By: Michael Buckley

November 11 is Crane Festival Day at Gangtey Monastery in eastern Bhutan. The main performers are school kids who enact a special crane dance: this is hands-on environmental education. The Bhutanese...

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May 31, 2017 Environment
Photo: MakeWild

Cuban Surfers Ride Waves For Change

By: Tristin Weber

HAVANA – The tattoo machine in Ana Lara's hand buzzed as she tested it, adjusting the pink grip tape before leaning over my shoulder in concentration. I winced as she...

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May 25, 2017 Lifestyle

Full Planet Experts Lineup at Lightning in a Bottle

By: Planet Editor

Beginning today, Planet Experts will host a number of panels, speakers and interactive events at the 2017 Lightning in a Bottle festival. Head over to The Compass to say hello...

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February 10, 2017 Human Health
Fresh nuggets of Candyland, a sativa-dominant hybrid. (Photo: Brian Klonoski / Planet Experts)

A Guide to Question 4 and Wicked Legal Weed in Massachusetts

By: Brian Klonoski

Seeing that it was the birthplace of the American Revolution and all -- not to mention the first state to pass sweeping healthcare reform and allow same-sex marriage -- it's...

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January 13, 2017 Environment

J Henry Fair Photographs America’s Drowning Coastline, Talks Trump

By: Pierce Nahigyan

I spoke to J Henry Fair on Election Day 2016. He had just overseen a special presentation of his “Industrial Scars” series in Berlin, in which his aerial photographs of...

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January 12, 2017 Human Health
Dank nugs of Double Purple Doja. (Photo: Brian Klonoski / Planet Experts)

A Guide to Question 1 and Legal Weed in Maine

By: Brian Klonoski

With the narrow passage of Question 1 on Election Day, Maine got groovy, hit the proverbial bong and joined California, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska and Colorado in legalizing recreational marijuana....

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December 15, 2016 Environment

INFOGRAPHIC: Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic in Your Home

By: Guest Author

There's no question there are excellent plastic products that have done a lot to improve human lives. Items such as car seats, helmets, and medical plastics (just to name a...

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December 3, 2016 Climate & Energy

Bandsar Agriculture: Indigenous Runoff-Harvesting & Climate-Change Resilience from Iranian Drylands

By: Brad Lancaster

This blog entry was graciously provided by J. Tabatabaee Yazdi, who hosted me when I presented at the Iranian Rainwater Catchment Systems Association conference in 2014. You can see my...

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November 27, 2016 Lifestyle
Here are some eco-friendly gifts guaranteed to please everyone on your list.

Eco-Friendly Gifts For Everyone on Your List

By: Planet Editor

A big part of our mission here at Planet Experts is advancing sustainable solutions that address climate change, protect natural resources and benefit the environment. And this time of year,...

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November 17, 2016 Climate & Energy

Important Elevation and Slope Relationships of Eddy or Backwater Basins

By: Brad Lancaster

When you construct your street-side stormwater-harvesting basins, described in my last post, Harvesting Stormwater with Backwater or Eddy Basins, you'll of course want them to be as successful as possible; to...

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November 15, 2016 Human Health

Here’s What You Need to Know About Prop 64 and Legalized Mary Jane

By: Pierce Nahigyan

Or, Where to Find Legal Weed in the U.S.A. For half of the voting public, Election 2016 was a major bummer. But though the country remains divided on which political...

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