Nature Instagram Account of the Week: Stefano Unterthiner.

According to Stefano Unterthiner's Instagram bio, he's a "Photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Zoologist, conservationist and storyteller. Author of seven books." In other words, the guy knows what he's doing.

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Mural Reveals How Greed Is Destroying Our Planet

This mural by artist Blu shows how greed profits from "out of sight, out of mind." Our environment might look healthy from where we live, but it comes at a tremendous and often hidden cost.

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Christopher Swann Dedicates his Life to Photographing Whales and Dolphins

British photographer Christopher Swann has spent the last 25 years of his life showing people the majestic beauty of dolphins and whales through his photos. Here are a few examples of his stunning work.

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Nature Instagram Account of the Week: Elise of @roundtheworldgirl

Elise of @roundtheworldgirl is giving us some serious travel envy. Whether she's skiing in the mountains or hiking in the canyons, Elise reminds her audience that there's nowhere better to be than the great outdoors.

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Earthrace Conservation Black Ops Team Fights to Save Wildlife

Earthrace Conservation’s Captain Pete Bethune and His Black Ops Team Fight to Save Wildlife Worldwide.

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Lighting Strikes Near Volcano Chain

Lighting striking around the ash plume of the Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano chain is one of the most heavy metal things we've ever seen. The Puyehue-Cordon Caulle is located near Entrelagos, Chile.

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Nature Instagram Account of the Week: Alan Shadduck

Nature/Wildlife photographer Alan Shadduck captures the tremendous beauty of Colorado and America's West Coast. See more of his work at his website www.shadduckphotography.com/colorado.

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Julia Butterflies Feed on Turtle Tears

In the Amazon, animals and insects must get creative to acquire all the nutrients they need to survive. For Julia Butterflies, this means drinking the tears of turtles for sodium.

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Nature Instagram Account of the Week: Thomas Peschak

Thomas Peschak is one of the world's leading ocean photographers and advocates. Thomas is a National Geographic Photographer, Director of Conservation Save our Seas Foundation, and Associate Director Manta Trust. Follow him on instagram at @thomaspeschak.

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The Vanishing Vaquita Porpoise

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J Henry Fair: Industrial Wasteland

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Album: Anti-Poaching Force in Central Africa

The Chinko Project: Fighting to Save Central Africa's Wildlife

This is war. As poachers devastate Africa's wildlife to the brink of extinction, a brave band of men are taking up arms to protect them. They are called the Chinko Project, and this is their story:
The Chinko Project We are a team of local Central African + foreign staff who have made camp in the middle of the Chinko reserve to save wildlife from the militarized rebel poachers. Using an ultra-light aircraft to guide our rangers with air support surveillance, we fight under the threat of armed poachers, the invasive South Sudanese herders, Konys Lords Resistance Army, and Seleka rebel militia. On top of that, we now have to deal with the loss of our main tool, the ULM (Ultra-light airplane). After a hard landing at our home airstrip that crumpled the nose wheel, causing the propeller to strike the ground, we are left to scramble and find a way to restore our operation back to 100% and get back to protecting our rangers and wildlife from these criminals. For more images click here - WARNING graphic content.

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