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#1 Cheetah Lover


Are cheetahs worth saving? Yes they are worth saving. We can not give up yet. There are many things we can do to save them.

Cheetahs are worth saving, because they are wonderful creatures. They help lower prey population so prey don’t overpopulate. Also we do not want to lose a Genis [sic] World record of fastest animal (on land). Especially to a human problem. They are beautiful creatures and we CAN save them.

You can save the cheetahs by having interactions with cheetahs to humans. Also you could record or show cheetah races with their dog partner. They pay to get in so you would get some money. You could use the money for new dog/puppy pens. When you bring a cheetah to people discribe [sic] the importance and why you should save them/donate. Then maybe they can connect to the cheetah kind.

Why do I LOVE cheetahs? I can’t name all of them it would fill up the whole page. To start off I have been loving cheetahs for over 4 years now. You might remember me of the girl that painted the cheetah picture. Yes we remember you Emily! Also every time I get one of the newsletters. I smile and sit there on the could [sic] for 30 minutes looking at it. Wanting to grow up to work and at least get up close to a cheetah. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, cheetahs. smile* heart*

We should save the cheetahs, because I mean they are awesome. With interactions you can get some money for dog pens. Also when people see how beautiful they are they can’t resist donating.

From your,
#1 cheetah lover
Emily Sugg

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Logan McLean

Cheetah Superheroes
Logan Mclean 1

Which animal is practically the face of speed and runs like The Flash? The cheetah, of course! If anything this beauty should be noticed for just exactly how special they are. At the same time, more people should realize how many cheetahs we’re losing. But overall, these felines have as much awesome in one of their spots as Batman has in his utility belt!

If people can truly aid the cheetah in the race to defeat extinction, then guess what? We wouldn’t lose the record-holding racer of the world! Or the elegant cat with the prettiest spots – and you guessed it, we could still see one of the main highlights of a safari if we won the fight. Every day, someone is bound to say, “that person runs like a cheetah,” and if you think about it, if the cheetahs go extinct, then will future people even use the simile? Would the babies born today never know the animal who could cream anything else in a running race? Nobody could see the lovable, silver-backed cheetah cubs if they weren’t any. Oh, and who could forget the puns? Plenty of people make jokes about someone being a “cheetah”, when it’s supposed to sound like “cheater”. Would anyone really be able to use those jokes if these incredibly intriguing animals are gone? Things would be as tough as Captain America’s shield if the cheetah went extinct.

Let’s get real here: cheetahs are basically the coolest big cat out there. For goodness sake, they’re the fastest of all of them! Topping off that, tigers and lions are only successful in hunting one-third of the time. Cheetahs, however, are successful fifty percent of the time! They’re also the perfect racer: a flexible spine, a tail like a rudder, large nostrils for oxygen, semi-retractable claws, and long legs! This kitty is the ultimate runner! They’ve also got binocular eye vision and tear lines down their face. So while the big predators or napping like pros during the day, the cheetah is toughing out the afternoon heat. These felines are more of a wonder than Wonder Woman herself!

I know this isn’t about me, but I think I would be heartbroken if cheetahs go out. I admire those animals more than I admire those brave Disney characters. But the thought of these cats out in the wild, facing human dangers and natural dangers, just gives me goosebumps of hope (if those even exist). It gives me more strength than Hulk in an anger tantrum.

Though I might be just a kid, I try my best to help these spotted charms. I spread the word at my school, and I donate my allowance to CCF. I bet other kids can and are doing that, too! If I could, I would possibly try to expand the cheetah’s population by rehabilitating them in North America, perhaps near the Great Plains. They might be able to replace native predators who are dying out, and not only that, but finally give the pronghorn a challenge!

I wish I could do more to help, and I wish that there was some sort of cheetah hero to save them. But I do realize that nobdy has to have a super power to be a super hero, all we have to do is take action, just like CCF. And isn’t that the best type of superhero?

Logan Mclean 2

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