Climate change is really only affecting the polar bears, right? WRONG! Tune in to watch episode five from the Global Weirding Series featuring Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.

Global Weirding: Climate, Politics, and Religion is a short series of videos talking about controversial climate issues.This series tackles many myths people believe about climate change. The TTU Climate Science Center partnered with Texas Tech Public Media Team to make this series happen. In this series Dr. Hayhoe explores the arguments, science, politics, religion, culture, and psychology at the intersection of politics and climate change. If you have questions such as why climate change is causing the weather we see today?, Why do scientist say that climate change is caused by humans instead of natural cycles? or, How do we even know this climate change thing is real? Dr. Hayhoe tackles these questions and issues head on.

New episodes are released every other Wednesday at 10AM CT. Go and subscribe to globalweirdingseries.com to watch all of the episodes. By subscribing, YouTube will remind you when a new episode is released. If you are interested in finding out more about this series or if you have any questions tune into Dr. Katharine Hayhoe’s live Facebook chat every other Thursday at 7PM CT. The next live chat will take place on Thursday, December 8th.

Global Weirding is produced by KTTZ Texas Tech Public Media and distributed by PBS Digital Studios.


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