skepticalscienceAs Professor Michael Mann explained to Planet Experts, “If you look at the scientific literature, you’ll find that over 97 percent of scientists who study this concur with the basic consensus that climate change is real, it’s caused by us, and it represents a threat if we don’t do anything about it.”

Indeed, an examination of almost 12,000 climate papers published between 1991 and 2011 shows that 97.1 percent of scientists believe that global warming is real and due, in part, to man-made emissions.

With that in mind, Skeptical Science asked 97 climate scientists (including Dr. Mann) to speak out on the subject.

97The project is called “97 Hours of Consensus” and it intends to close the climate-related “consensus gap” between public opinion and scientific facts. According to the Guardian, less than 10 percent of Americans know that man-made climate change is practically undisputed among the scientific community. In surveys, Americans believe the debate is about 50/50.

Professor Mann says that this gap in public understanding has been deliberately created by fossil fuel interests and the politicians they bankroll.

“[T]he only reason that gulf exists,” he explains, “is because tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars of the Koch brothers and other fossil fuel interests are poisoning the well with what is arguably the most massive, well-funded and well-organized disinformation campaign in the history of civilization.”

Recently leaked documents confirm that Charles Koch is the money behind the Institute for Energy Research and its subsidiary, American Energy Alliance, two organizations that have spent several years waging a PR war against the EPA while aggressively lobbying for government fossil fuel subsidies.

“97 Hours” is Skeptical Science’s way of fighting back against disinformation. Every hour, a short paragraph is posted to the project’s website that explains why anthropogenic climate change is almost unanimously accepted amongst scientists.

The interactive page is populated by cartoon versions of the 97 scientists and includes their quotes on the subject as well as links to more in-depth articles they have written.

From all of us here at Planet Experts, go check it out!

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