Austrian cyclist Michael Strasser.

  • Award winning Austrian cyclist Michael Strasser is currently the first to join the UN Environment’s Mountain Heroes Campaign.

He recently expresses his interest in taking part in the ice2ice expedition which aims to demonstrate sustainable mobility in mitigating climate change. This expedition will take the cyclist on a record breaking ride from Alaska to Patagonia through the longest possible route. In the process, Michael hopes to share the relationship between his personal transportation choices and climate change.

Erik Solheim, Head of UN Environment has expressed his enthusiasm to work with Michael to protect Mountain ecosystems. He stated that the cyclist’s message is simple as well as powerful and he strongly believes it will motivate several others.

Michael Strasser joins British Climber Ben Foyle and Kenyan Skier Sabrina Simader on the UN Environment’s Mountain Heroes Campaign which aims to raise awareness and inspire action for the protection of mountain ecosystems by partnering with world renowned athletes.

The campaign is of great importance since mountains serve as the home to millions of people and provide vital ecosystem services for the entire globe, including freshwater. Mountains are also centres for biodiversity and great tourist attractions. However, climate change is causing glaciers, which is a source of drinking water to unique plants and animals to start vanishing. Also, the increase in mountain tourism has caused multiple waste streams which put pressure on the habitats. Several tourists are unaware of how fragile mountains actually are.

Michael has expressed pride and excitement in being able to support the UN Environment and be part of this campaign, stating that it will mean so much to him if he can inspire and motivate his followers to take a bike sometimes instead of their cars.

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