The 2011 Volkswagen Phaeton. (Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons)

The 2011 Volkswagen Phaeton. (Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons)

A note from Plug In America President, Michael Thwaite

It’s been an interesting time in recent weeks and a very positive time for EV enthusiasts.

In the past few weeks we’ve heard announcements from VW- that they’ll be building an all-electric version of their Phaeton, a car they claim will become a true Tesla competitor.

Volvo have chimed in to report that they have plans for a new range of plug-ins and their first all electric by 2019 – I wonder what happened to the C30 Electric?

Jaguar Land Rover is rumored to be working on an Electric.

Aston-Martin has debuted an All-Electric RapidE in China and CEO Andy Palmer has assured us that 1,000BHP electrics are the future.

BMW announced a new i-model and longer range i3.

GM is pulling out the stops to get the Bolt ready.

And finally, Ford, after silently selling a great car since 2012 has stepped up with their first commercial for the Focus Electric – and, it’s a great one!

I suppose that this is all good news for us, the enthusiasts, though I have to wonder if this is a little coincidental given the recent news around VW. Indeed, only last week, it was reported that Toyota has retained its place as the world’s largest manufacturer in the face of VWs issues, VW have priced that debacle this morning, 10/28 at €6.7B.

Does it all feel a little contrived though? There is the Tokyo Motor Show and the Los Angeles Auto Show coming up and this time of year might normally be quite active but, usually, it’s announcements around the biggest and the fastest concepts.

Do you think that all of this is simply the stuff of auto-show future concepts or, are we witnessing a real change, are the automakers embracing electric drive as the future and perhaps even the present?

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