A big part of our mission here at Planet Experts is advancing sustainable solutions that address climate change, protect natural resources and benefit the environment. And this time of year, there’s no better way to do that than with an eco-friendly gift guide. But that’s a lot easier said than done. The sheer number of companies selling green products that are beautiful and innovative is overwhelming. As environmentalists, we no longer have to choose between what we covet most and what’s best for the planet.

This year, we urge you take advantage of this fact — that you can give eye-popping presents without taking away from Mother Nature. We selected these eco-friendly gifts with one thing in mind: Knocking the socks off of whoever is lucky enough to receive them. The fact that they’re repurposed or animal-friendly or sustainable is just the organic cherry on top of the vegan ice-cream sundae.

For anyone with a load to shoulder…


Luzon Del Día Daypack (Cotopaxi / $49.99). These eye-catching packs are made of lightweight, repurposed materials and designed by factory workers in the Philippines, so no two bags are alike. Cotopaxi is a certified B Corp making outdoor gear and funding sustainable poverty alleviation.


For the Netflix-and-chill crowd…


Women’s Linen Terry Robe (Coyuchi / $198). This organic cotton robe is a one-way ticket to Cozyville. There’s a men’s version, too. Coyuchi makes natural home furnishings while adhering to the strictest environmental standards.


For sk8ers…


Earth Series Deck (Bamboo Skateboards / $39.50). These beautiful skateboard decks made from sustainable bamboo are more durable than other boards, lasting on average three weeks longer than the standard pro deck. The Earth Series in particular features designs celebrating nature.


For the modern mountain man…


Elkton Stretch Flannel (Western Rise / $109).  This simple but dynamic shirt is the result of months of testing in the wilderness. Western Rise designs their garments to be functional in the backcountry, while also looking snazzy at the bar, and this modern take on the classic flannel is no exception. Western Rise also sources with the environment in mind and donates a portion of each sale to Western Rivers Conservancy.


For flower children…


Coast Gift Pack (Juniper Ridge / $68). The personal-care sampler pack enjoys a renaissance with this collection of soap, incense and unisex cologne made from ingredients wildcrafted in small batches from California’s Big Sur region. Juniper Ridge harvests sustainably, monitors regrowth and gives 10 percent of their profits to environmental organizations.


For your stylish but always chilly friend…


The Wool-Cashmere Scarf (Everlane / $65). This versatile scarf — which is also available in black and gray — is made with Italian-milled wool-cashmere. And thanks to Everlane’s unprecedented level of transparency, you can take a peek inside the factory where these garments are made.


For creative explorers…


Nomad 7 Solar Panel (Goal Zero / $79.99). Looking for something for an outdoorsy type who likes camping or backpacking? Cross ’em off your list. This ultra-lightweight, weather-resistant, portable solar panel is perfect for charging things like phones, headlamps and GPS units. Goal Zero lifts the poorest of the poor out of poverty by helping them start their own solar-power businesses.


For that friend who’s always squinting into the sun…


Eco Collection Sunglasses (Proof Eyewear / $90 – $150). Every pair of these classy shades — and there are many styles to choose from —  is completely renewable, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Through their “Do Good Program,” Proof partners with organizations like The Nature Conservancy on a project-by-project basis to tackle environmental issues at the local level.


For the girl who’s always freshening up…


Day To Night Set (Ecotools / $16.99). These makeup brushes are made with cruelty-free, synthetic bristles, sustainable bamboo handles and recycled aluminum ferrules. Ecotools also uses recycled paper for its packaging and collaborates with nonprofits like The Girl Project.


For the pup…


Solid Hemp Adjustable Collar (Earth Dog / $20 – $22). Don’t forget Fido! These collars are made from hemp and low-impact, non-toxic dyes, so they’re safe for the environment and soft on your pet. Earth Dog makes eco-friendly hemp products and supports conservation and rescue dog programs.


For music junkies…


A5+ Bamboo Speakers (Audioengine / $469). These award-winning speakers are hand finished with panda-safe bamboo. Audioengine is committed to eco-friendly practices, like limiting the use of plastics, making products that are recyclable and using environmentally-friendly binders and resins.


For the fashion-forward animal lover…


Flamingo Handbag (Gunas New York / $165). InStyle Magazine’s “Best Green Handbag” boasts a 100% vegan textured eco polyurethane exterior and is lined with a material made from recycled plastic bottles.  Gunas — which has been honored by PETA and the Ethical Fashion Forum — is dedicated to making sustainable products that are animal-friendly and sweatshop-free.


For your snuggle buddy…


Alpaca Throw (Parachute / $229). Give the cozy gift of all-natural, locally-sourced Peruvian Alpaca fibers in the form of this super soft throw. Parachute is committed to stringent safety and environmental standards, and partners with the nonprofit Nothing But Nets to provide safe sleep to those in need.


For beach bums…


Naturally Unscented Sunscreen (Badger / $15.99). This waterproof sunscreen is the epitome of an eco-friendly product: Biodegradable, organic, all-natural, non-GMO and cruelty-free. The tube is even made from BPA-free, recyclable plastic. And with only five ingredients, it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin. Badger is a certified B Corp that supports sustainable practices and creates natural products that soothe and heal.


For those who demand a serious boot…


Ngola Boot (Oliberte / $160). These boots, which look like they belong in a bougie boutique, are made in Ethiopia at the first-ever Fair Trade Certified footwear factory. In addition to making sustainable footwear, Oliberte supports workers rights in sub-Saharan Africa.


For all-natural beauties…


Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover (One Love Organics / $42). Reviewers are gushing over this beauty product, calling it the “holy grail” and “the cleansing oil of the gods.” One Love Organics is a natural, ethical, and environmentally driven cosmetics company.


For chocolate addicts…


Gift Set for Milk Chocolate Lovers (Alter Eco / $17.99).  The gift of sweet, milky chocolate is a surefire winner. If you do decide to stuff some stockings with sugary treats, we suggest Alter Eco, which sells snacks and food that are organic, Fair Trade Certified, non-GMO, carbon-neutral and packaged with sustainable materials.


For fishermen (and women)…


Nomad Series Hand Net (Fishpond / $129.95). These nets are perfection: Light, buoyant, easy to grip and equipped with a rubber bag that makes the catch-and-release process easier on delicate fish like trout and salmon. Fishpond is a certified B Corp committed to the health of our natural world.

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