What is Planet Experts?

Planet Experts is an independent environmental media company based in Santa Monica, California.

Our platform serves as a central hub for environmentally-focused content published by our featured Experts, non-profit Organizations, vetted Contributors and editorial team in varied fields that include: environmental sciences, food & agriculture, renewable energy, technology & design, economics, education, law and more.


Why should I apply to become a featured Expert or Organization on Planet Experts?

There are a myriad of benefits to being a member of our expansive network of world-renowned Experts and prestigious NGOs. In addition to offering an exclusive media platform to showcase your research, initiatives, innovations and much more, we amplify and support your efforts to our rapidly growing audience in more than 160 countries through our website and social channels.

You’re out there on the front lines – and we’re here to shine a bright light on all your hard work.


What are the necessary qualifications to become a Planet Expert?

Experts should, at a minimum, have completed an advanced degree and possess an established reputation within their professional community, or have a proven track record as an environmental activist, entrepreneur or innovator.


How do I apply to become a Planet Expert?

Please click here to tell us more about your area(s) of expertise and related credentials.  Based on that information, and any other materials we may request, we will determine whether you are qualified to become a Planet Expert.  In some cases, those who do not possess the necessary qualifications will be invited to publish content as a Contributor.


What happens after my Planet Experts application is accepted?

You will receive an email indicating that you have been accepted as an Expert. We will ask you to provide a photo, short bio and links to any websites and social media channels you wish to share so that we can create your account and establish your profile page.

Once your profile is published, you’ll receive a welcome email with your account information and a “How To” guide that will walk you through the simple process of publishing content.


If I am not accepted as an Expert, may I appeal the decision?

Yes, anyone is free to re-state a case for qualification. If your appeal is denied, you are free to re-apply again every six months.


What if I don’t qualify as an Expert, but would like to write for Planet Experts?

Planet Experts welcomes feature content from qualified journalists and bloggers, whose profiles are listed on our Contributor page. As we do with our Experts and NGO articles, we’ll amplify your work on our social channels.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to contribute content or pitch a feature article.


I represent an environmental organization and would like it to be featured on your Organizations page. What should I do?

Planet Experts features qualified non-profit environmental groups that have been established for a minimum of five years.

If you would like your organization to be featured on our Organizations page, please email us at [email protected].


If my organization is featured, am I able to post content on Planet Experts?

Absolutely. Once an Organization’s profile has been created, the manager of that profile may post content at any time on its behalf.


What does Planet Experts expect of its featured Experts and Organizations?

Neither our Experts nor our Organizations are bound by any contractual obligation to Planet Experts, though we do encourage a goal of at least one publication (typically 300 to 1500 words) per month.

Publications are thereafter posted on at least one of our social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Google+); we therefore recommend that our Experts and Organizations engage in our social media outreach, and promote Planet Experts to their colleagues, families and friends.


What if I have questions about managing my account or need help publishing a post?

Our relationships with our Experts and Organizations are a top priority – and we are always available to answer any questions or to assist in posting content.

Also, upon request, we are available to provide our editorial expertise before a piece is published.


For more information, please contac[email protected].

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