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Having wasted no time declaring war on the environment, President Trump now faces what appears to be the first major sign of mutiny from within the executive branch over which he presides.

Days after Trump ordered the National Park Service (NPS) to temporarily stop posting to its Twitter account after the agency tweeted a photo of Trump’s substandard inauguration crowd, employees created an unofficial account free from the President’s censorship: @AltNatParkSer.

The Trump administration had also forced the employees running Badlands National Park’s Twitter account — @BadlandsNPS — to delete a series of tweets containing scientific facts related to climate change. Badlands NP later said the tweets were posted by a former employee who had gained access to the account.

A new Twitter account created by employees of the National Park Service to protest President Trump. (Photo: Screengrab / Twitter)

A new Twitter account created by employees of the National Park Service to protest President Trump. (Photo: Screengrab / Twitter)

The new account — which already has upwards of 640,000 followers — is run by NPS employees in their free time and in no way funded by tax dollars. Most tweets posted by @AltNatParkServ focus on the overwhelming scientific evidence backing human-caused climate change. The connection between human activity and global warming is as solid as the link between smoking and cancer.

But interspersed throughout is a far more interesting collection of contentious, politically charged tweets taking direct aim at President Trump and his administration’s deep ties to fossil-fuel interests. They offer a fascinating glimpse into the minds of career employees who dedicate their lives to carrying out the work of the NPS regardless of the party in power.

The feud between President Trump and federal employees who technically work for him is startling. Neither politics nor opinion lay at the heart of the matter — the NPS simply wishes to educate the public about scientific facts in order to ensure an informed electorate will support policies that preserve and protect America’s national parks.

It will be interesting to see if similar accounts pop up as other agencies go rogue in an attempt to counter the Trump administration’s dangerous insistence on censoring science to more easily advance its agenda, much like ExxonMobil is accused of having done. That company’s former CEO, Rex Tillerson, is expected to be confirmed as Secretary of State.

Welcome to President Trump’s America.

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  1. Well, at least there’s no cases in history where governments start controlling information, right? I

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