Beginning today, Planet Experts will host a number of panels, speakers and interactive events at the 2017 Lightning in a Bottle festival. Head over to The Compass to say hello and to hear about rainforest protection, wildlife conservation, plastic pollution, impact investing, virtual reality and much more! Here’s the full Planet Experts lineup at Lightning in a Bottle 2017:

How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy w/ Dr. Erica Wohldmann —  Thursday May 25, 2-3 pm @Beacon

The world as we know it is changing. 60% of vertebrate species went extinct in the past 50 years. More than 90% of rivers and streams have tested positive for agricultural pesticides. Plastic smog litters the sea and fills the bellies of fish we over-harvest. While conservation and unity are more crucial than ever, our leaders reject climate change and social equity.   So how do we find hope in this time of crisis? Join Erica as she discusses scientific research on happiness + hope, shares Joanna Macy’s teachings, and offers simple strategies for maintaining optimism and increasing joy.

Using Virtual Reality To Save the Rainforest w/David Gardner + Shayne McGrathFriday May 26, 11:45 am – 12:45 pm @The Grid

In October 2016, David and Shayne led a team on a 2-week journey through Sumatra’s little known but spectacularly biodiverse Leuser Ecosystem—the last place on Earth where orangutans, elephants, tigers and rhinos live together in the wild. Using VR rigs, drones and other cameras, the team documented the rainforest’s beauty, iconic species and local communities, as well as the devastation caused by the corrupt palm oil industry. Come on a visual journey through the Leuser Ecosystem, learn about conflict palm oil and see how VR can help save Sumatra—and ecosystems and species around the world.

Plastic Pollution: Gateway Issue to Environ Activism w/Haley Jain Haggerstone — Friday May 26, 4-5 pm @Earth Activist Hub

5 Gyres’ mission is to end the global health crisis of plastic pollution through scientific research, adventure, art and education. Join Haley for an inspiring conversation about the organization’s success in achieving a nationwide ban on plastic microbeads, and learn all about its brand new #foamfree action campaign.  Discover what 5 Gyres’ global network of ambassadors — ages 8-77! — is up to, and see how you too can get involved in this growing movement to end plastic pollution.

Why We Rise and Resist for the Amazon w/Leila Salazar-Lopez — Saturday May 27, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm @Earth Activist Hub

Join Amazon Watch’s Executive Director, Leila Salazar-López, in a visual presentation and conversation about why protecting the Amazon rainforest and defending indigenous peoples’ rights are key for climate stability and justice from the Amazon to California. Learn how to take action to end California’s dependency on Amazon oil, and join Amazon Watch in defending indigenous territories and sacred natural areas by keeping them free from industrial extraction.

Sustainable Activism: Using Money to Make Change w/Andrea Armeni — Saturday May 27, 11:45 am – 12:45 pm @The Grid

Social activism can take many forms, and more and more people are using finance as a tool to effect change by supporting the good and avoiding the bad.  Join Andrea, Executive Director of nonprofit Transform Finance, and learn why it makes sense to engage with capital around issues you are passionate about, and how to remove the ick factor all the way from your bank accounts to your investments.

Found in the Wild: Herbs for Health + Happiness w/Dr. Erica Wohldmann — Saturday May 27, 12:15-1:15pm @Botanical Study/Craft

Food and medicine grows all around us—between sidewalk cracks, in alleys, and alongside hiking trails. By learning about edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms, we have the potential to support optimal health, care for our ecosystem, and deepen our connection to the web of life. In this hands-on discussion, Erica will teach about nutritional and medicinal properties of the plant allies that can found in and around L.A. We’ll mix together some traditional wisdom, science, and a handful of locally foraged herbs to create a perfect tea blend for health + happiness.

Energy Production: The True Cost for Communities + Climate w/Planet Experts (PANEL) — Saturday May 27, 4-5 pm @Earth Activist Hub

Fossil fuels get a bad rap for good reason. But many renewable energy projects also impose immeasurable social and environmental costs. Join Leila Salazar-López of Amazon Watch, Andrea Armeni of Transform Finance, climate scientist Dr. Julien Emile-Geay and cognitive scientist Dr. Erica Wohldmann to learn more about the energy industry’s human impact on indigenous communities + local farmers, and its ecological effects on climate + oceans. Led by LIB content partner Planet Experts, this conversation will explore ways that you can be part of the solution.

Climate, Collapse + Capitalism w/Dr. Julien Emile-Geay — Sunday May 28, 10-11am @Earth Activist Hub

Join climate scientist Dr. Julien Emile-Geay and explore how averting a climate-induced civilizational collapse requires a fundamental shift in our relationship to the Earth, to each other, and to ourselves.  Drawing from paleoclimatology, physics, archeology, history and economics, Julien will discuss the need to leave old ideas behind, including the myth that free markets always achieve the highest good — an ideology that has dominated economic theory and American foreign policy in the last half-century.

Saving the Last Place on Earth w/Shayne McGrath — Sunday May 28, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm @Earth Activist Hub

New Zealand-born activist Shayne was vacationing in Indonesia in 2010 when he stumbled upon one of the world’s best kept biodiversity secrets — the Leuser Ecosystem, the last place on Earth where orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants live together in the wild. Ever since, Shayne has worked on the front lines to protect Leuser’s rainforest and spearheaded historical legal action against rogue industrial actors. He has achieved the unachievable and found light in the darkest of corners. Join Shayne to learn about his personal and spiritual journey saving “the last place on Earth.”

Saving the World’s Endangered Wildlife w/Captain Pete BethuneSunday May 28, 1-2 pm @Earth Activist Hub

Captain Pete Bethune is on an extraordinary mission to save endangered wildlife. After spending 5 months in a maximum security prison in Japan for disrupting illegal whaling activities, Pete starred in a TV show called “The Operatives,” documenting his team’s missions to fight environmental crimes around the world. They battle wildlife poaching and smuggling, as well as illegal logging, mining and fishing; they’ve also exposed the brutal seal clubbing practice in Namibia. Pete will describe why our governments are ignoring the global wildlife crisis and how we can be part of the solution.

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! Our Backyard Wildlife Crisis w/Dr. Heather Rally — Sunday May 28, 4-5 pm @Earth Activist Hub

Dr. Heather Rally has traveled the world on conservation and animal rescue missions. She’s conducted undercover investigations into the sale of endangered species, from Asian wildlife markets to her hometown of Santa Monica; she’s also helped expose animal abuse in the Chinese fur trade and exploitation of elephants for tourism in India. Now, Heather works as a veterinarian rescuing abused and neglected tigers, bears and other exotic wildlife from American backyards. Join Heather for a discussion of the exotic animal trade and explore how our everyday choices can change the world for animals.

Chasing Time: Fighting the Sixth Mass Extinction w/Planet Experts (PANEL) — Sunday May 28, 5:30-6:30 pm @The Grid

Poaching, overfishing, pollution, deforestation, habitat loss and climate change are all to blame for the massive rates of species loss the planet is experiencing — about 60% of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles have gone extinct in the last 40 years.  Join conservation warrior Captain Pete Bethune, wildlife veterinarian Dr. Heather Rally and 5 Gyres’ plastic pollution  activist Haley Jain Haggerstone for a discussion (led by LIB’s content partner Planet Experts) exploring how we got into this mess and what we can do to turn it around.

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