2013 model year Nissan Leaf exhibited at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. (Image Credit: Steve Lyon / Flickr)

2013 model year Nissan Leaf exhibited at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. (Image Credit: Steve Lyon / Flickr)

It’s Our 10-Year Anniversary

August 27th 2015 marks the tenth anniversary of Plug In America. From our roots planted in the “Don’t Crush” campaign where our early pioneers raised pledges of over $1.9M to buy out the early EVs from the automakers, as proof that the public wanted the cars forever, our mission has grown and coalesced into a clear mandate to support and promote the adoption of plug-in vehicles as one of many much needed antidotes to global climate change and energy independance. Buoyed by success from our campaign to include EV tax credits in the national stimulus plan, to improve the rights of tenants in homeowner associations and in the reception that our national surveys on battery performance and more, Plug In America works tirelessly to increase awareness, to educate and to enhance the benefits of Electric Vehicle ownership across all states in America.

National Drive Electric Week

evAs National Drive Electric Week approaches, electric vehicle enthusiasts, non-profit organizations, and government agencies around the US and beyond work diligently to prepare events to share their enthusiasm about plug-in electric vehicles. Many, many hours go into producing each of these events and while a few of the event organizers are doing it as part of their day job, most are volunteers. You might wonder why these individuals would dedicate so much time and commitment to these events. Here are a couple answers to that question:

“There is absolutely no better way to promote electric vehicles than to put the”EV curious” in touch with people who drive them daily. Add to that the opportunity to drive an EV and people start to “Get it.”

“Why we love our EV has little to do with the reasons we first starting looking at them! No gas stations or lines, little to no maintenance, quiet, fun (torque!) all play into the experience. My skeptical wife is now a convert and we will never be without an EV. We”fight” over who gets to drive it, and it comes down to who will be putting the most miles on the car that day.

“Driving an EV, you of course get lots of questions from people. The misconceptions and misinformation out there bugs me. National Drive Electric Week puts the public in touch with people who really know about EVs.

“Bottom line: there is no better way than the grassroots nature of National Drive Electric Week events to promote the benefits of EVs. I am grateful for the support, both national and local, that allows me to put an event together.”
Gary Exner, 2nd year City Captain, Wilsonville, OR

“We live in an exciting time and electric cars are our future. Not enough people know much about EVs and National Drive Electric Week is a fantastic opportunity for EV owners and enthusiasts to come together and educate those who seek answers.”
(Photo from the Waukesha, WI 2013 event)
Elaine Williams, City Captain, Waukesha, WI

An electric car recharging its battery. (Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons)

An electric car recharging its battery. (Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons)

“This is our fourth time planning a National Drive Electric Week event. Manufactures aren’t doing enough to spread the word on how amazing these vehicles are. It’s important to us that people know that EVs are available and affordable. Currently, there is a lack of education and an abundance of misinformation regarding EVs and through our club and organizing events like National Drive Electric Week we hope to solve that problem, one community member at a time. As most EV drivers will tell you, when your’re in love, you want to tell the world and NDEW is the perfect venue for us to get that message across.”
Brenna Kaminski & Josh Pritt Co-Captains, Satellite Beach, FL and CO founders Space Coast EV Drivers

“One of the biggest reasons that I am holding my third annual NDEW event this year is in the hope that we can get more people to switch to EV’s. I work in the auto repair industry and it is appalling to see the huge amount oil- soaked metal oil- filter cartridges that end up going into our landfills every week. ICE (internal combustion engine) cars are killing the environment, and it doesn’t have to be that way.”
(Photo Credit: Michael Kamm, Cohoes 2013 event)
Michael Kamm, City Captain, Cohoes, NY

Register to attend one of these great events or one of the other 160 events happening in September or if you are moved to help out volunteer to help.

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