This #GivingTuesday, the environment sure could use a few bucks of your hard-earned money. (Photo: Jean Lakosnyk / Unsplash)

Now that you’ve had a chance to indulge in the desperate chaos of Black Friday and make a slew of impulse purchases on Cyber Monday, let’s talk about donating your hard-earned money — even just a buck or two — to some rad environmental organizations on this glorious #GivingTuesday.

The looming inauguration of Donald Trump is likely to slow or even reverse the steady progress environmentalists have come to take for granted. The President-elect is quietly assembling a cabinet of oilmen and climate skeptics, even as his public position on the Paris Agreement seesaws in a bizarre back-and-forth.

Protecting the planet is going to require a war-like mentality. Here are a few of our partner organizations fighting on the front lines. Some are working at the national level, waiting to challenge the Trump Administration’s likely attempts to dismantle environmental regulations. Other, smaller nonprofits are tackling local projects with gusto. All of them — regardless of size — could use your help.


Earlier this year, our #SnakeDay video was surprisingly popular, leading us to believe that a bunch of people secretly love snakes. If you’re one of those people, consider donating to the Advocates for Snake Preservation, which is dedicated to changing the negative way people tend to view and treat snakes.

If mammals are more your thing, you have plenty of options. To support a specific animal, make it rain on the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Ewaso Lions, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, and the Orang Utan Republik Foundation.

For organizations working at a broader level, check out the Center for Biological Diversity, the African Wildlife Foundation, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Stop Poaching Now.

Climate & Energy

Reince Priebus, Trump’s anointed Chief of Staff, just confirmed that the President-elect’s position on climate change is that “most of it is a bunch of bunk.” Trump is also planning to discontinue NASA’s climate research.

Fight back by supporting the Rainforest Action Network, which is holding big companies accountable for their environmental impacts, even if our next government won’t.

Trees absorb CO2 from the air and are vital to a healthy planet. We’re stoked to be working with TreePeople and Venerable Trees. Supporting either (or both!) will help bolster our natural defenses against climate change.

If you want to divert your dollars to tackling waste and pollution, look no further than Trash for Teaching and the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

And if you happen to be a big fan of electric vehicles, consider joining the community at Plug In America with an annual donation.

Marine Conservation

The vastness of Earth’s oceans explains why there are so many organizations fighting on their behalf. Let’s start with sea creatures. The Marine Megafauna Foundation, the Great Whale Conservancy and the Sea Turtle Conservancy are all worthy of your donations.

If you’re more concerned about eliminating the ridiculous amount of plastic bobbing about the high seas, check out Algalita Marine Research & Education as well as 5 Gyres.

There are also some cool organizations using art and media to spread the good word about marine conservation. They include The Big Blue & You, Ocean GEMS and the Oceanic Preservation Society. Support these nonprofits if you’re keen on empowering the next generation of green (or in this case, blue) storytellers.

If you desire to enter the political fray, you might consider sending some dough to Ocean Champions, a PAC looking to sway Washington’s most powerful minds. Another great organization, The Black Fish, is using technology to fight illegal overfishing. And you can’t go wrong with a donation to Dr. Sylvia Earle’s fantastic organization, Mission Blue.

For projects local to the Los Angeles area, check out Heal the Bay and The Bay Foundation.


You can fight water poverty and help bring clean H20 to disadvantaged communities by making a donation to 4Liters or Dig Deep.

A Few More Awesome Options

Adventure Scientists connects the outdoor and conservation communities by providing environmental data that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.

Amazon Watch is working with indigenous communities in the Amazon to build local capacity and advance the long-term protection of indigenous people’s lands.

Global Green is helping shift the planet toward a sustainable future by educating communities, undertaking green projects, restoring wetlands and designing effective solutions to the challenge of waste disposal.

The Honnold Foundation, started by famous free-solo rock climber Alex Honnold, gives grants to local projects that make a positive difference, like the installation of solar panels to generate power for a small community.

Turning Green is mobilizing a global network of students through education and advocacy around environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices.

Caribbean Harvest was founded in 2005 by Dr. Valentin Abe, a world renowned agronomist, to re-create the commercial fishing industry in Haiti.

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