Photo: Orang Utan Republik Foundation / YouTube

A wild, juvenile, male orangutan named Lana was released into the Lesan River Protected Forest in Indonesia on December 10, 2016.

Lana, whose name means “explorer” in the local dialect, was shown to be independent, skilled at nest building, moving through the forest, and foraging for food — thus deemed fit for release.

Organized and managed by the Ape Defender team at the Centre for Orangutan Protection, with the financial support of The Orangutan Project, Orangutan Outreach, and With Compassion & Soul and administrative support by various local government agencies and NGOs, this translocation into a 11,342 hectare protected forest was an opportunity to provide this wild, five-year-old orangutan with a life in the forest.

If you’d like to see more releases like this one, please consider supporting the Orang Utan Republik Foundation.

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