As part of its mission to research and protect the waters around Costa Rica’s Cocos Island, the SharkBoat crew recorded some incredible footage of a Great White Shark. Check out this magnificent creature as it glides through the water like a boss:

And here’s Ocean Ramsey and Kimi Warner free diving with a Great White, with Captain Chris Wade filming with a GoPro.

The SharkBoat’s team is made up of dedicated volunteer researchers, and our funding comes from people like you! Check out our Indiegogo campaign and help us continue our mission to spread awareness about illegal fishing.

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  1. Very strange – I’ve been at Cocos Island 5 times over the years and I don’t believe the Great White has been seen around Cocos Island and supposedly here you’re free diving with one. Make no sense at all. Is the text not correlated to the footage perhaps? The footage is from somewhere else?

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