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With the ocean covering approximately 71 percent of the world’s surface, it is extremely hard not to notice what pollution is doing to our blue planet. The sea is the lifeblood of our planet and provides over 70 percent of the oxygen that we breathe and over 96 percent of the planet’s water supply. Without the ocean we would not exist today.

Pollution is bringing our ocean to the point of disaster and we must act fast to ensure that it remains healthy for the good of our generation and generations to come.

There are many ways in which you can make a difference to the pollution of the ocean such as:

  • Reduce your energy consumption and be aware of your carbon footprint. You can do this by leaving your car at home and either walking to work or riding a bike. Remember to switch off your lights when you are not in the room and change your lightbulbs to energy efficient fluorescent bulbs.
  • Reduce the amount of plastic you use and always recycle. Plastic is the biggest factor in ocean pollution and it usually ends up in the ocean. Once plastic finds its way into the ocean, it can destroy marine life, habitats and kills tens of thousands of marine wildlife every single year. Over eight million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year. Use reusable bags whenever you go shopping and instead of buying new bottles of water, buy a reusable water bottle and fill it up.
  • Educate yourself on the importance of our ocean and this system, which is vital to our existence, will only make you want you to protect it. Once you have learned about it, you will want to share your knowledge with others, becoming a true advocate.

If you would like to learn more about ocean pollution and how it is affecting mankind, then take a look at the amazing infographic below, created by the team at divein.com.

Infographic Created by the team at DIVE.in

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