Written by Shannon Walajtys, Manager of Animal Rescue-Disasters

Our rescue team arrived on Tuesday, alongside Best Friends, Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Code 3 Associates to assist the Houston SPCA with animal rescue efforts. We worked late into the night organizing equipment, boat motors and rescue gear for day one of animal rescue.

Early the next morning, we staged at the Houston SPCA and received our assignments for the day. In our first mission, we rescued an elderly dog trapped in chest-deep water named Diesel. The 152-pound mastiff was unable to climb the stairs in his home and was surrounded by the rising flood water. Sadly, his human companions were forced to flee to the safety of the second floor without Diesel as he was suffering from a shoulder injury and unable to make the trek.

Fortunately we arrived in time and were able to load Diesel into a waiting boat and bring him to a nearby shelter to receive emergency medical treatment until he can be reunited with his family.

Please call the Houston SPCA hotline at 713-861-3010 to report animals in need. Our team is out on the water again today and will remain in the field as long as it takes to save animals from this tragic disaster.

You can support animal rescues in the wake of Harvey by donating to the IFAW’s animal rescue fund.

This post was originally published on The International Fund for Animal Welfare’s website.

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