There’s a big problem facing our planet today, and yet many aren’t talking about it. The beautiful little blue ball that we all live on is 71 percent ocean, but its dire state continues to be neglected by the majority of society.

What is the world without its ocean? In a world of trouble.

The ocean is more than just a natural wonder to be enjoyed; it is the lifeblood of this planet and numerous industries. It is the gateway of business and information. Vipe Desai, CEO of HDX Hydration Mix, told us, “The ocean is the most powerful economic engine on earth, and without a healthy ocean, there are no healthy people, planet or profits.”

Luckily for the sake of our ocean, he is not alone in this way of thinking. Many business leaders from around the globe echo this sentiment. AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles makes it their mission to think about the ocean. The organization that brings together ocean-based research, STEM education and a sustainable business incubation makes it a priority to stay focused on the health of our ocean.

“If the 20th Century was focused on exploration of our frontiers in space, the 21st Century will be about a frontier much closer to home, our vast, largely unexplored oceans,” said Jenny Krusoe, AltaSea’s executive director. “AltaSea brings together ocean-based research, STEM education and sustainable business incubation, to solve the great problems facing our world. Hosting the inaugural Rising Tide Summit here in the nation’s busiest port complex is a natural fit. We must join together to address the challenges facing our oceans, and ourselves.”

Industry leaders are coming together in San Pedro, California on March 28th and 29th for the inaugural Rising Tide Summit. The conference is designed to raise awareness about the state of our oceans and help the conservation community build consensus solutions to problems facing our world’s most valuable resource.

The goal is that the summit will challenge the thinking that many have about of oceans and come to a more environmentally friendly solution before it’s too late.

“There is no better time for start-ups and big brands to help save our ocean.” Matthew Mulrennan, Director – Ocean Initiative, XPRIZE. “The Rising Tide Summit is tapping the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and the power of exponential technologies to solve the biggest ocean problems.”

Presentations and topics covered by leading experts include:

  • Making the Golden State Blue (AltaSea Executive Director Jenny Krusoe and CEO Tim McOsker)
  • Launching a Mobile Age for the Ocean Economy (Matthew Mulrennan, Director of the Ocean Initiative at XPRIZE Foundation)
  • Helping the Siren Find Its Voice (Dune Ives, Executive Director at Lonely Whale Foundation)
  • Changing the Narrative to Solve Climate Change (Moderated by Kevin Whilden, Co-Founder at Sustainable Surf)
  • Age of Activism: Rise of Brand Citizenship (Jim Moriarty, Director of Brand Citizenship at 72 and Sunny)
  • Global Youth Movement to Stop Plastic Pollution  (Katie Allen, Executive Director, Algalita)
  • Getting from Conservation to Commercialization: Creating the Business Case for Ocean Innovation (Ann Carpenter, CEO at Braid Theory)
  • How Political Hardball Can Save The Ocean (Fred Keeley, Former California Assembly Member and Dr. David Wilmot, Co-Founder of Ocean Champions)
  • Spark Magic in Your Team, Brand and Cause (John Guastaferro, CFRE)

Desai added, “Science informs us of the problem. Businesses should be able to deliver a solution.”

Want to attend?

Dates: Wednesday, March 28th and Thursday, March 29th

Location: AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, CA

Price: $100

Detailed agenda and information on purchasing tickets can be found at risingtidesummit.net

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