oilspillA major oil spill in Mooringsport, Louisiana has killed scores of wildlife and will take potentially months to clean up, the Shreveport Times reports

The oil spill comes from a pipeline through the area owned by Sunoco Logistics, which estimated that approximately 4,000 barrels of crude oil flowed into the surrounding Tete Bayou by the time the spill was detected on the morning of October 13. The oil is believed to have stopped just shy of the large Caddo Lake at this point, but aerial crews are still monitoring the lake for oil sheens. The Sunoco pipeline, built between 1949 and 1950, stretches approximately 1,000 miles from Longview, Texas to Midwestern refineries in Ohio and Michigan.

A representative from the EPA told the Shreveport Times that the spill was considered “significant” in size. As of Saturday, approximately 1,900 barrels of oil had been recovered from the affected area, but neither Sunoco nor the EPA provided a specific timeline for recovery. The same pipeline experienced another spill along a section near Cincinnati in March, and is still in the remediation phase of cleanup.

The coming challenge will be uncovering all the hidden oil pockets under the soil and within crawfish dwelling holes. A representative from Sunoco said the organization “understands its obligations well and understands it is liable for the cost,” according to the Shreveport Times. The U.S. Department of Transportation is set to oversee an investigation into the leak’s causes and to determine what actions might be taken against Sunoco.

The Caddo Black Bayou in Caddo Parish is an exceptionally ecologically diverse forest and wetland preserve in the Northwest Corner of Louisiana. The 656 acre property is home to 14 different species of plant, and the lake straddles the border of Louisiana and Texas.

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