floodHundreds of protesters wearing blue are marching on New York City’s financial district in an unlicensed act of civil disobedience.

The protesters are part of the Flood Wall Street movement, which aims to use the momentum of yesterday’s People’s Climate March to draw attention to corporate polluters and Big Money interests profiting from fossil fuels.

The group’s press release quotes journalist and environmental activist Naomi Klein, who will be speaking at the event:

“Two years ago, Superstorm Sandy literally flooded New York’s Financial District — but it didn’t phase Wall Street and their drive for the short term profits that flow from the cooking of the planet. Which is why we’re going to flood them again.” 

The group’s sit-in and blockade at the New York City Stock Exchange were not sanctioned by police permit, and spokeswoman Leah Hunt-Hendrix has said at least 200 of the estimated 2,000 participants are willing to risk arrest by the New York Police Department.

flood“This civil resistance, civil disobedience, shows a commitment to the cause,” said Hunt-Hendrix. “We are trying to escalate this as an urgent issue and show how Wall Street is profiting from the crisis.”

The #FloodWallStreet movement is part of Climate Week, a series of events designed to raise climate change awareness ahead of tomorrow’s international climate summit hosted by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The organizers of #FloodWallStreet are deliberately invoking the fervor of 2011’s Occupy Wall Street movement by calling out the 1 percent who profit most from climate change denial. Arrests are expected.

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