California’s iconic coastline is under serious threat. We need your help to maintain strong leadership of the Coastal Commission.

Photo courtesy of Heal the Bay

Photo courtesy of Heal the Bay

You can’t drive down PCH without seeing the fruits of the California Coastal Commission’s labor – beaches for the public to enjoy, coastal parks and recreation areas, communities that have balanced development with affordable access to beaches. But now, the leadership of the Commission – the agency committed to protecting and enhancing our coast through planning and regulation – is in jeopardy. A few members of the 12-person Coastal Commission are pursuing the removal of its Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester.

It’s a tough job. With pressure from developers to build in some of the hottest real estate in the nation, coupled with persistent environmental advocacy to protect and preserve the last natural stretches of California’s coast, Dr. Lester has done a good job moving sound policy and bringing parties on both sides together to see if there is room for compromise. It is unclear what he had done to merit termination. Some of his major accomplishments over the last few years include:

As an ocean-lover, this work matters to you. You can help fight special interests and protect our precious coast by clicking below to sign our petition.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Sign Our Petition Supporting Dr. Lester

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