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Urgent! Please Help Planet Expert Marc Ching Rescue Thousands of Dogs from the Dog Meat Trade

Planet Expert Marc Ching, along with many other dedicated animal rights advocates, just did the impossible; they shut down SIX dog slaughterhouses. With this good news comes a great challenge. These dogs need to be rescued and taken to a safe and loving location, and Marc can only take so many on his own. Marc shared his situation on Facebook (see below).

Please help Marc Ching bring home as many dogs as possible by donating to The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and sharing his message on Facebook.

The Facebook Post Reads:

People dreamed about this. People signed petitions and protested. People wrote their congressman and government. People filled the streets and stood in unison.

Well that dream, it is becoming reality. We have shut down six slaughterhouses, have five pending, and are on our way to visit a dozen more.

To those that thought it was impossible – it is becoming possible. For people who cried and screamed into the night, hope remains.

The reality of shutting down a festival where 10,000 dogs die, is that you have thousands of lives that need rescue.

We cannot do this alone. I have till tomorrow to save the lives that need saving. The world wanted the festival to end, and we are here trying to end it.

We need local rescues to step in. I can take 100 dogs, maybe 200. But that is all. Literally we have the smallest foundation on Earth. It is just me and my director Valarie. There are groups that are a hundred times greater then we. There are hundreds of organizations that petitioned and stood out in protest.

This is the time. Do not desert the cause you asked the world to defend. Do not leave us here by ourselves. Do not abandon the mission.

Note: For those that want to help rescue these dogs and shutdown Yulin, please donate.


#TheCompassionProject #marcching #TheHeartOfRescue #animalhopeandwellness”

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  1. I donated yesterday and shared on Facebook. I will send more donations when I can! God bless him for all his hard work! I would like to set up a fund where 10% of all proceeds from my business go to this organization. Not sure how to do that.

  2. I wish I could donate something to you but I’m on the Pension myself , but I hope that you will sterilise them at least so that they don’t reproduce and their pups ends up in other slaughter houses ,,

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