This past week, Planet Experts attended the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training in Miami, Florida. While there, we interviewed several key speakers and individuals, and over the next few days we’ll be sharing their thoughts with you!

The Climate Reality Project was founded by former Vice-President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore in 2006. Since that time, it has worked to spread climate change awareness and help usher in “a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous future by making a planet-wide shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean, reliable, and affordable renewable energy.”

While attending the training, Planet Experts interviewed the following individuals:

debbiedooleyDebbie Dooley, founder of Conservatives for Energy Freedom

Debbie Dooley is a southern firebrand. As one of the leading conservative voices in the movement to break traditional energy monopolies in the US, Dooley completely changed our perceptions of what a conservative is and how they view the future. In our interview, she took us on an oral journey from her co-founding of the Tea Party in 2009 to her passionate solar activism through the present day.

kenberlinKen Berlin, President and CEO of the Climate Reality Project

Yes, we got to talk to the man himself, Mr. Ken Berlin. A lawyer by trade, Berlin has been essential to CRP in guiding its mission and helping it ford the complicated legalities of fighting for a cleaner world. Berlin has devoted his career to environmental, climate change and energy issues, and offers an insider’s take on where we’re at and where we’re headed as a climate-conscious country.

cousteauPhillipe Cousteau, Jr., Conservationist and Co-founder of EarthEcho

The grandson of the inimitable Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Phillipe was an absolute delight to talk to. We discussed what it’s like following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps in conservation and how that legacy contributed to his founding of EarthEcho International. He also offered us insight into what one individual can do RIGHT NOW to help fight climate change and preserve the world’s oceans.

In the coming days, Planet Experts will share these interviews and more in our Climate Reality series.

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