On Thursday, September 24, Planet Experts will host a screening and panel discussion for the film Racing Extinction, the latest offering from Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Louie Psihoyos.

In vivid, startling detail, Racing Extinction shows how mankind is driving the planet’s wildlife to a sixth mass extinction – a phenomenon normally reserved for asteroids, plagues and super-volcanoes, but currently being perpetrated by overfishing, habitat destruction, illegal wildlife trading and climate change.

racingextinctionAfter the screening of the film, Planet Experts founder and CEO David Gardner will host a panel discussion amongst some of the leading voices in science and conservation. Included among the panel will be Charles Hambleton, producer of The Cove, as well as Planet Experts’ Dr. Ryan Harrigan, Benjamin Kay, Dana Roeber Murray and Dr. Heather Rally, who appears in the film.

Back in February, Planet Experts sat down for an interview with Psihoyos to discuss the making of the film. Look for that article to go live on the site in the next few weeks. In the meantime, head over to the Laemmle NoHo movie theatre on September 24 at 7pm and check out one of the most important documentaries of our time (well, actually, you’ll probably want to grab those tickets a lot sooner than that).

Don’t miss this event! Go to Laemmle and purchase your tickets today!

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