The Tesla Roadster (Source: Creative Commons)

The Tesla Roadster (Source: Creative Commons)

This month brought news of Tesla’s latest updates to the iconic Model S. By fiddling with the wires connecting the battery, Tesla has squeezed an extra 13 percent more power from the system. Aside from dispelling the myth that Electric Cars aren’t ‘tunable,’ it reminds me that we’re still learning how to get these machines to go faster and faster and hence become better and better… Wait – is all this extra performance a good thing?

For me – heck yes – who wouldn’t want 1.1G of acceleration off the line? Until there are Acceleration limit signs posted at the side of the road, it’s the one remaining source of excitement that’s pretty much guilt free – especially when the power for all of that comes from renewable sources – write that down as another item on your long list of reasons to drive electric. Oh, and while you’re at it, jot down that, with all this extra performance, comes even greater efficiency – yes, a more powerful Model S means even less consumption – quite the opposite of what happens when you try to squeeze more power out of a traditional internal combustion engine.

Photo from Tesla's Facebook page, image without text from the movie Spaceballs by MGM.

Photo from Tesla’s Facebook page, image without text from the movie Spaceballs by MGM.

Here’s the irony though, I don’t know about you, but I get such a kick out of squeezing out more and more efficiency from my EV. I drive around in my Tesla Roadster like a saint. My wife and I recently wrote how we squeezed 110 miles out of our Smart Electric Drive and, the next day, 118 miles out of our BMW i3 just taking a drive in the country. With so much power in the Model S, I can confirm that’d give me more than 97 percent headroom in my day-to-day driving, and I’m not alone. A friend that owns a Model S recently confided that they’d managed to squeeze 4 miles/kWh out of the car on a long trip – they gleefully reported how gently they’d been driving their muscle car-crushing machine… and just how much fun they get out of that.

In my first month of Tesla ownership, I injured my neck muscles playing with the acceleration. Six years on and today I get a bigger kick out of the way in which I can hold back the storm…yet unleash a tornado with just a twitch of my right foot – that’s real power. I love electric propulsion.

Are you a Saint or a Sinner when you get behind the wheel of your EV?

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